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Project: MyCars

MyCars - Automotive Website Tools
Location Search

MyCars has been designed for the non-programmer or the programmer who does not have alot of time to be able to get their classified listings online. The location search version provides all the features of the multiple user version, plus a US postal code database. This version allows searches to be within a specified range of miles from a given zipcode. The location search version works great for sites that intend to target a large audience.


  • search by zipcode
  • multiple language support
  • multiple pictures per listing
  • multiple users support
  • complete browser based administration
  • easy integration into existing sites

How it works:
Setup is done through an included setup script. The setup script asks for your database settings, then makes a connection to your database and creates all the needed tables. After all tables are created, setup continues with the administrator account setup. As soon as the admin account is setup, you will be able to login and create accounts, setup categories and add listings.

What you get:
You receive all source code with your liscense and free e-mail support for your first setup. You are granted the right to modify and use the code on all owned sites. A $99 per site liscense is required for installations on sites not registered to original purchaser. If you would like to resell MyCars, please contact me for a reseller liscense. If you would like to have the software installed, I provide this service for $25. Customization of the software is available, please use my contact form for all requests.

Multiple user version:
The multiple user version is setup to allow administrators full control over all listings, categories and subcategories. The users only have permission to add/delete and modify their own listings. There is no limit to the amount of users or administrators allowed. There is no limit to the amount of listings a user or administrator may create. The number of images allowed for listings is set in the config file.


  • PHP 4.1.0 or later
  • MySQL database

Screen shots:
Here are some screen shots that show what the default installation looks like.

Online Demo:
The online demo is a fully functioning installation. You may login and add/delete/modify listings and users. For the online demo, I have disabled the ability to delete the top level administrator and user account. I have done this only for the online demo, you can delete all users/administrators in the purchased version.

The purchase price of $199 may be paid securely through PayPal by clicking the "Buy Now" button below. After payment is received, an e-mail containing the download information will be sent to the address you supply on the payment form. If you would like to purchase MyCars via another form of payment, please contact me using my web based contact form first to make arrangements.