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About Me

I have been writing software for over 16 years. I started off developing simple games at the age of 14 in the QBasic language on the DOS platform. I can still remember how badly I wished my old Tandy had a hard drive. While most of my friends enjoyed playing games, I was intrigued by the code used to make the games.

In my early days at the University of Hawaii-Hilo, I developed an immediate interest in the emerging internet technologies. My first experiences with the web were over a very slow 2600 baud modem internet connection. I learned the importance of creating sites that load fast as a direct result of my initial slow internet connection.

I have been developing web based software for the last seven years. I enjoy developing database driven applications. The tools I use when developing software are as follows:

  • Eclipse - this is the swiss army knife of editors. If you write code, give this editor a look.
  • PHP - excellent scripting language. Runs under Apache and IIS web servers.
  • MySQL - very fast database. Runs on *NIX and WIN* servers.
  • Firefox - fast web browser based on Netscape/Mozilla.
  • FileZilla - excellent ftp client. Currently only runs on WIN* platform.
  • gFTP - a great ftp client for the *NIX world.

I work as an independent contractor, and am available to create custom web based applications. Please feel free to contact me for more information.